Vamp Prince
The Vampire Prince is neither as regal or as strong as he sounds-- he stands at a solid but common status of 2HP/2AP and 1 black/2 normal energy to play. However, he isn't just any normal ally. When attacking or defending, he not only deals 2 damage, but heals that HP back to you as he sucks the life out of opponents. This ally can be coupled with several strategies: in a black/green deck, you can play a lot of allies and this card, then an Orb of Unity and Night of the Vampires, making all your allies both vampires and extremely strong. With Orb of Hostility in a black/red aggro deck, he'll last fewer turns but will give you more HP. In a black/blue deck, buff him with Develop on your bench and play him during your [[phases|Defense phase[[ to restore a lot of HP when defending. Be careful, though--vampires are useful, but not very strong.

Strong against: weak allies, helps when you have low HP.

Weak against: strong allies and direct damage actions.

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