Here's how this deck works:

1. Have a green/black deck with lots of weak allies and Orb of Unity.

2. Play lots of low-stat, low-cost allies, but don't defend with them (defend with one or two high-stat allies).

3. When there are a lot of allies, play Orb of Unity and then Night of the Vampires.

4. Every ally on your side will get a huge stat boost since they're all temporarily the same subtype, Vampire Ally.

5. Dominate!

Vampire Forest

Important cards:

-Orb of Unity (one of the main two cards in the strategy)

-Night of the Vampires (the other vital card needed to pull this off)

Strong against: slow-developing blue decks.

Weak against: red aggro decks that put out allies faster than you, object removal.

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