Unity is one of the most powerful strategies in the game and is usually used in a classic filler deck, being the main strategy in the Ants Attack starter deck. Basically, the strategy has only two requirements: Orb of Unity and ants-- the more, the better! Orb of Unity's effect gets stronger the more ants you play, so make sure your deck is mostly ant allies. There's two situations where Orb of Unity's effect will backfire, though: when your enemy has several cards with the same subtype, and when your enemy has cards in play with the same subtype as yours (since Orb of Unity's effect is global, affecting both you and your opponent, your opponent will get the same Unity benefits as you). For this situation, be sure to keep a Fresh Force in your deck! Be careful when sacrificing your ants, though-- each one that dies makes the rest weaker!

Important cards:

-Orb of Unity (the key card to the strategy)

-Ant Matriarch (since this can spawn two ants every turn at a 3 energy cost, keeping this safe will boost the effect of your Orb of Unity)

-Ant Invasion (this puts three ants into play, even during your Defense phase, and can get you out of a lot of trouble, make sure you have a few in your deck!)

Strong against: Quality (not quantity) decks with heavy-stat cards and focused cards like Soulseeker. Also, since ants are relatively low-cost, they even can survive a Red Rush onslaught.

Weak against: Object removal action cards such as Fresh Force, as well as Killer Wave (this'll deal a fatal blow to your strategy and probably end the game in the enemy's favor-- watch out!).

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