Stout shark
Stout Shark is one of the best 3 energy allies in Orbs CCG. for a blue and 2 colorless energy you get a 3AP/4HP fish ally. What you see here is what you get, a cheap beat-em-up shark who is ready to take on the 3AP/3HP allies the other colors mostly have. The important thing to note here is that red does not have an easy way of removing this card, as it has to turn to Fire Rain to find an action that can destroy Stout Shark in a single card. Aside from Velken Shock Troop (sometimes) and Adept Mage (sometimes), the only 3 energy-cost card that can make that claim is Captain Larlord (who at 2AP/3HP is a bit underwhelming offensively). No other 3 energy-cost card can make that claim!

Strong against: midrange and aggro decks.

Weak against: Ramp decks and green decks.

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