Sea monster
Sea Monster is like a bigger Millimo, underwhelming if played directly, but with the ability Develop 1. If you bench this Monster and wait patiently, you will eventually be rewarded with a 4AP/5HP ally for a mere 2 energy. This easily outclasses almost every individual creature in the game, but its slow development makes it weak if not in your starting hand. Watch out for Honor Wizard and Apocalypse when you bench this, and pay close attention to what colors your opponent is playing. If you see them pitch for red, consider playing this before they get to 4 energy-- after all, a living 3AP/4HP is better than a dead 4AP/5HP.

Strong against: decks with no bench hate.

Weak against: late game draws and bench hate like Apocalypse, Honor Wizard, and Merran Law.

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