This is the base strategy incorporated in the pre-made red deck, as well as an easy-to-play strategy for beginners. Basically, the trick is to defeat (or severely damage) the opponent before they have a chance to play many cards. In the early game, make sure to play as many cards as you can, and don't hesitate to attack with them. Remember that if the opponent isn't using red cards in their deck, you don't have to worry about not being able to defend-- you'll have one turn to anticipate their attacks and have unexhausted cards in play to defend against them.

Red Rush

Important cards:

-Eager Imp (although with only 1HP/1AP, it has the ability Battle Ready and can make a large difference combined with Rile Up and played in the first few turns)

-Rile Up (this temporarily gives any of your allies +3AP and only costs 1 red energy, very helpful in any rush deck)

-Mischievous Pyro (if an opponent with 3 or less HP is attacking you, use 1 red energy to give this card 3AP and eliminate the opposing ally)

-Burn Soul (use this in the late game to directly finish off your opponent when they've got 5 or less HP)

Strong against: Slow decks, especially using blue and purple cards.

Weak against: Equally strong rush decks, as well as multi-ally direct damage actions.

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