Red Menace is one of the four starter decks you can buy for 2500 Orbucks in the OCCG store. Being composed entirely of red cards, its main strategy is Red Rush, but can also be used for other purposes such as combining it with a slower-developing color such as blue, or combining it with a black deck like Grave Matters for the ultimate rush deck. Red Menace has low-cost cards such as Eager Imp, with Battle Ready; in the ideal situation this can defeat the opponent in only 4 or 5 turns.

2x Agnu the Volcano Lord

3x Burn Soul

2x Destroyer of Dreams

4x Eager Imp

4x Eliminate Resistance

4x Fire Arrow

3x Fire Rain

3x Lava Monster

3x Mad Barbarian

4x Mischievous Pyro

4x Murderous Imp

4x Rile Up

4X Shoot a Fireball

3x The Great Volcano

3x Winged Imp

Strong Against: Slow-developing decks with blue and purple cards.

Weak against: Direct damage actions, multi-ally elimination actions.