Poisonous Mushrooms
At first glance Poisonous Mushrooms looks like a really nice card-- you are able to poison three enemy allies, given unlimited health, this card alone will give you three for one and a huge advantage. The only problem this card faces is that it takes way too long to kill most enemies, and when they die from the poisoning they have most likely already outlived their usefulness.

Poisonous Mushrooms is great against enemy allies with 1 or 2 HP, though. If you have played your mushrooms before the enemy plays their low-HP allies, you can usually kill them before they can attack (or one turn after they attack). Another great thing about Poisonous Mushrooms is that it can bypass the ability armor, since it's not possible to poison allies if there's no damage dealt to them, even if your Venomous Cobra blocked you opponent or was defended against. It's a guaranteed poison. It can neutralize an ally's ability to regenerate, although it's not the best tactic to hit a regenerating mob without killing it off. Still, poisoning it can at least stop it from returning to its original state.

Strong Against: Aggro and armored decks.

Weak Against: Object removal and basically any ally with 4 HP or more.

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