Monster Mage
Though the Monster Mage is weak on its own, it serves as a better version of the Bonemancer, having the same stats and costing only 2 more energy to play (1 black and 2 normal energy). Like the Bonemancer, it reanimates corpses into allies in play. However, Monster Allies cost 2 normal and 3 black energy and have 5 AP/3 HP.  Because it doesn't have very high stats on its own, try not to use this ally to attack or defend-- instead, when you have enough energy, summon yourself some Monsters!

Try this strategy: accumulate a lot of allies in your graveyard, play Sacrificial Altar and Monster Mage. Have at least 4 black and 2 normal energy in store (this strategy would have to take place late in the game), create a Monster Ally, and sacrifice it to damage your opponent! Do this four times (or five, if your opponent is healing themselves) and you've won the game! If you've got a Soulseeker out, this'll make him stronger as well-- each Monster Ally you sacrifice will give him +1AP/+1HP to crush your opponent with.

Strong against: Decks that populate your graveyard, be it because of your opponent or yourself doing so purposefully.

Weak against: Burn decks, as well as the ever-imposing Killer Wave.

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