Hidden treasure
Hidden Treasure is a blue object card that allows you to repeatedly draw cards. This card, while slow, can snowball, letting a prepared control player stock up on threats until they can wipe the board with a Killer Wave and replenish the field. The problem this card has is threefold, though:

1: It costs 4 energy to play (2 Blue and 2 Colorless), without doing anything the turn it comes into play.

2: It exhausts to use, meaning that even if you have the energy to spare, you can only use it once each phase without an Orb of Fluidity or Merran Supporter.

3. Each time you want to use it, it costs 4 colorless energy to draw a card. This means that it takes 8 energy over two turns just to replace itself, which is not very good. Also, this card gets worse the more of it you have in your hand or in play.

Still, there are many control decks that can get several uses out of this, and once you have drawn 3 cards from it you are in a fairly good spot. If you can stall the game while using this, you have a very good chance to win.

Strong against: slow-developing decks.

Weak against: Cryptic Pillars and Fresh Force, milling.

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