Grave Matters is one of the four decks that can be bought for 2500 Orbucks in the OCCG store. It consists of black cards and utilizes both low-cost cards and heavy allies such as Ghoul Lord and Evil Incarnate for an extra punch. Add a Soulseeker to this deck if you have one and combine it with Bonemancer, Booby Trap, and Vampiric Bite for a formidable deck. Though it requires a few games to get used to, Grave Matters is a solidly built starter deck that can be played easily even by beginners.

4x Bonemancer

4x Booby Trap

4x Death Pit

2x Engorger

2x Evil Incarnate

3x Frighten to Death

4x Ghoul Lord

3x Giant Skeleton

3x Grave Uprisal

4x Horrid Skeleton

4x Reanimate

3x Savage Ghoul

4x Skeletal Warrior

3x The Haunter

3x Vampiric Bite

Strong against: Slow-developing decks like Mastery and quality ally decks.

Weak against: Filler decks such as Ants Attack, as well as rush decks like Red Menace.