Ghouly Lord
As leader of the ghouls, the Ghoul Lord has considerable power. It takes 5 energy to play (2 Black energy and 3 colorless energy). At 5 AP/5 HP, it's a bit of a powerhouse, but even more so when there are corpses in the graveyard. Like Savage Ghoul, it can eat the dead to regain 2 HP. A strategy to use with this card would be to keep feeding it corpses with Sacrificial Altar or just sacrificing units in general. It's a pretty standard unit, but its regeneration ability and strong stats make it a staple in any deck and a cut above the rest.

Strong against: Just about any weak ally without any good tricks.

Weak against: graveyard-emptying decks (Ghoul Lord can't heal if the graveyard is empty) and filler decks with many cards in play at once.

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