Energetic Wiz
Energetic Wizard is a great card for getting ahead of your opponent, letting you take the initiative of the energy curve if you started second, or one whole energy level ahead of your opponent if you started first. This allows the player to get access to their full deck faster than the enemy, and can be crucial in some matches.

Sadly, this card has two pretty big drawbacks. First of all it's a 1AP/1HP ally, and dies to any sort of damage. When playing Energetic Wizards, never get greedy and attack for that 1 damage, especially if your opponent has something benched or is playing green. Second of all, you have to convert a card for it. The energy gain is only there for as long as the wizard lives, and when it dies, you may need to convert another card to get back on the energy tier. This means that this card is worth 2 yellow converts, and in a duo-colored deck the second time you convert you most likely have alot less to choose from, and therefore have to convert something of greater value, or hold on to the card and be behind the energy curve.

Strong In: Decks with cards that give card advantage. It could be 2 for 1 trades, additional card draws, etc.

Weak Against: Aggro decks and greed.

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