Elim Resist
Eliminate Resistance is good in the late game, when you have one or two weak allies in play, your opponent has a raw-stats heavy ally, and you consider yourself dead. Just bench Eliminate Resistance and watch as your unsuspecting opponent defends against your tiny Worker Ant, which somehow manages to get rid of their big, scary Maneater. Think of it as the three little pigs versus the big bad wolf-- in the end, the little pigs outsmart the wolf, and end up making him into a soup. Similarly, your "three little allies" use Eliminate Resistance as a smart means of getting rid of the big, bad, scary tank ally on your opponent's side.

Strong against: Quality decks (with strong allies in small amounts, usually depending more on actions and objects) and milling.

Weak against: ally-heavy decks where the loss of one ally won't really matter.

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