This is a strategy that allows a red/purple aggro deck to pick apart control and combo decks. It makes use of cards such as Psychic Attack, Determined Velk, Dawn of Destiny, Tactical Incursion and Apocalypse to disrupt your opponent's strategy as much as possible while you play fast and hit hard. Besides the most important cards listed below, other cards you play should be removal/damage cards like Shoot a Fireball and Fire Arrow. Sudden Mutation is also ok, as it can serve as both a removal card or an enhancement on a bigger ally. You should load up on fast, cheap and threatening allies. A finished deck for this strategy should look something like this
Tallisman disruption

Important cards:

-Psychic Attack (it allows you to look at your opponent's hand and get rid of the card you think they want most)

-Dawn of Destiny (helps play everything early and is a great combo with Energetic Dragon on 2nd turn. It can also allow you to play a lot of disruptive cards early or just put a lot of allies into play at once)

-Tactical Incursion (especially powerful in this deck because you play so fast you run out of a hand. When that happens, if you time this card right, your opponent discards their hand and you both draw three new cards. Two wins for you.)

-Apocalypse (it destroys everyone's bench and is great against decks the rely heavily on such tactics. Make sure your bench is empty before playing this card, though)

-Winged Imp (works with Tactical Incursion and never needs to worry about being blocked)

-Destroyer of Dreams (helps discard your opponent's hand and may knock a few of your opponent's key cards into their graveyard)

-Determined Velk (it's a decent-sized ally for its energy cost, and can mess up a Skull Ring for a turn, or ruin your opponent's graveyard if they rely on it for their strategy)

-Energetic Dragon (it helps you play fast and hit hard, especially if you play Dawn of Destiny along with it, which makes all your disruption power happen earlier)

Strong against:

Weak against:

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