Develop is an action card that works well with many low-cost allies with interesting abilities. Each creature you have on the bench gets +2AP/+2HP when you play this 2 energy (one blue, one colorless) action. Some good card pairs are Sea Monster, Millimo, Lonely Vampire, Eager Imp, Evanescent Pyro, and Deep Sea Guard. The key to this strategy is being very aware of what colors your opponent is playing, as a red deck can blow away your bench with Apocalypse, while a blue deck can wipe away all your played allies with Killer Wave. At the same time, a yellow deck can ruin your strategy with Honor Wizard. Be careful and be aware of the actions that can wipe you out, so keep some growing on the bench and others in play. You will usually get blown away if you go all out at once, unless they all have the ability Battle Ready.

Strong Against: an unsuspecting opponent.

Weak against: a well-prepared opponent with any of Killer Wave, Apocalypse, or Honor Wizard. Merran Law also hurts Develop's strategy, but not as much.

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