Cemetery gate
Cemetery Gate opens Death's door-- if you choose. It costs only 1 black energy to play and gives you the choice to send all copies of any card you convert for energy to the graveyard. Though most players consider this to be one of the least useful cards in most decks, it is essential to any combo deck utilizing Grave Uprisal. It can also be used to discard all copies of weak allies in order to populate your graveyard with corpses, which are useful for Monster Mage and Bonemancer, are required to play Horrid Skeleton, Skeletal Warrior, and Giant Skeleton, and can heal Ghoul Lord and Savage Ghoul. However, be careful with this card--you might accidentally send your best cards to the grave forever!

Strong against: graveyard-emptying decks.

Weak against: object removal, most decks (it won't matter much whether you have many allies in the grave or not if the opponent takes out many of your allies anyway).

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