Ants Attack is one of the four starter decks that can be bought for 2500 Orbucks in the OCCG store. It's entirely composed of green cards and is an almost ideal filler deck, easy to play for beginners and enjoyable for veteran players. It contains the necessary cards (Orb of Unity, as well as numerous ants) for one of the strongest strategies in the game, Unity.

4 x Adrenaline Rush

4 x Ant Bandit

4 x Ant Colony

3 x Ant Invasion

3 x Ant Matriarch

4 x Call of the Wolf

3 x Fresh Force

4 x Grow Big

3 x Orb of Unity

4 x Shaman of the Ants

4 x Slime Rain

3 x Soldier Ant

4 x Tunnel

4 x Worker Ant

Strong against: Quality ally decks such as Mastery.

Weak against: Object removal, as well as multi-ally elimination actions like Killer Wave.